Vasiliy Khripunov with his wife LubaVasiliy Khripunov was born in 1958 to a large Christian family in Tashkent, Uzbikistan. He entered sports college after high school, where he proved himself to be a gifted athlete with a bright future. However, his mother and father prayed for their son to become a Christian and a servant of God.

In time, the prayers of his parents were answered. The Lord touched Vasiliy’s heart and he turned to Christ when he was twenty years old. At 21, Vasiliy was baptized and made a covenant with God to serve him all of his life.

The Lord soon began to use Vasiliy in service to Him. Nine years later he was ordained as an evangelist, and began to tirelessly travel throughout Central Asia, showing the film "Jesus" and other Christian movies to unconverted audiences, preaching the gospel and calling people to repentance under the Christian mission “Hudo Hohlasa”(God Will Proivde). It was during this short window of time that God had opened such seemingly inaccessible places as universities, schools, and prisons for Christians to visit and evangelize. Many people were saved and new churches were formed. This freedom lasted only a few years, but much was accomplished for God’s Kingdom during this period.

After immigrating to America, Vasiliy worked at night and studied during the day to receive a bachelor’s degree in theology, after which he began saving funds in order to go on missionary trips to Ukraine and Central Asia.

The success of Vasiliy’s ministry can be largely attributed to his devoted and selfless wife, Lyuba. A hardworking, caring, and God-fearing woman, Lyuba has supported her husband as a missionary wife and mother of their two long-awaited sons.

In Grace Family Church, Vasiliy is an Elder Board member.