Sergey Neagov

Sergey Neagov was born October 31, 1978 and grew up in a Christian family in the south of Moldova. Thanks to his father, he has had a knowledge of God since childhood. At the age of 19, Sergey received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and entered into a covenant with God through holy baptism that same year. From a young age he loved to preach the gospel of Christ, and was also active among the youth in southern Moldova.

In spring of 2005, Sergey married his beautiful wife Raisa and the Lord has since blessed their marriage with two sons, who also love the Lord like their parents.

In 2007, Sergey and his family joined the Grace Family Church. Sergey currently leads two home Bible study groups, preaches, and studies at the Moscow Theological Baptist Seminary in correspondence with the Master of Divinity department. In 2015, he was ordained as a minister at Grace Family, where he now serves as the youth pastor.

In Grace Family Church, he is an Elder Board member.